I’ve never quite “fit in” to the traditional Christian mold, leaning more Sons of Thunder than the meekness of Mary. And for a really long time, I hated that about myself - often falling asleep while pleading with God to make me more quiet, more soft, essentially…less. As I entered my 30’s, the Father sweetly released me from the self-made chains of doubt and insecurity, and sent His wild child out into the world.

But some of that wildness has proven to still be too much for the internet, and so we find ourselves here, on Substack - a safe place for the more controversial and “after dark” topics to live and conversation to thrive.

If you find you too don’t fit, or you want to hear more about things like medical cannabis and conspiracy theories, or if you’re simply nosey as heck - welcome.

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Host of the Confessions of a Crappy Christian podcast and author of the book by the same title, Christian business & influencer coach, enneagram 8, American history buff and loving skeptic, usually saying what everyone else was thinking.

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