What does sober-minded mean?

June 2022

We're gonna talk about Christians + cannabis, but first we have to cover why Christians are so judgmental about everything.
A bit of an emotional dumping about the last month.
Last week we covered the origins of the cannabis stigma, the talented Mr. Aslinger, his racist agenda, and how it’s been carried on by politicians after…
Cannabis use has always carried a certain stigma, at least in my lifetime. Even though I partook recreationally through high school and some of college…

May 2022

I mean...it makes sense if you think about it.
* this is not medical advice *
Can we talk about the Ulvade inconsistencies?The armed guard who is normally there - gone. Back door - unlocked. It took police 90 minutes to get in because they needed a key? Ramos drove a…
The post that locked me out of my account for 12 hours
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